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                 SingleCouples Dance                                  

 Sunday, July 21 $10 per person 5:00-8:00pm Decatur Knights of Columbus, 520 E. North Street                        Proceeds benefit Heritage Behavioral Health Center and New Life Pregnancy Center.


About Us


Located at 151 N. Main Street in Decatur, Illinois (Downtown Decatur). 

heritage_building_color.gifHeritage Behavioral Health Center, Inc., celebrated it's 50-year anniversary in 2006, tracing its origin back to March 1, 1956. Then known as the Mental Health Clinic, accepted its first client on April 10 and has been providing continuous service ever since. In 1967, the Alcoholism Advisory Council for the Decatur Area was established to provide substance abuse services. In 1970, the Mental Health Clinic became the Decatur Mental Health Center and established an inter-locked relationship with the Alcoholism Advisory Council. In 1987, the Alcoholism Advisory Council was merged into Decatur Mental Health Center. DMHC continued its steady growth and became the primary provider of community-based behavioral health care in Macon County.


In 1998, Decatur Mental Health Center became Heritage Behavioral Health Center, Inc. While our name and our services have changed over the course of our 53 year history, we have stayed true to the principles upon which we were founded, building a legacy of high quality services. Heritage provides comprehensive community-based services to treat the most serious behavioral disorders and links them closely with providers of inpatient care; we provide these services to over 4,000 people annually. We also provide a wide variety of innovative outreach, crisis intervention and prevention services in our communities.


Historic Highlights of Heritage Behavioral Health Center


1955 Macon County Mental Health Association was organized

1956 Mental Health Clinic of Macon County established

1957 Mental Health Clinic saw its first client

1967 Merged with Alcoholism Advisory Council

1970 Changed Name to Decatur Mental Health Center, Inc.

1977 Detoxification Program was added to Center's services

1984 Orchard Street Group Home opened

1995 West Main Group Home opened

1998 Changed Name to Heritage Behaviorl Health Center, Inc.

1999 Oasis Day Center opened its doors to address homelessness

2002 18-unit Supportive Independent Living Complex, Heritage Grove opened

2004 34-unit Supportive Independent Living Complex, Heritage Fields opened

2006 Harbor Place opened in partnership with Dove, Inc.