Candi Clevenger

CEO of Heritage Behavioral Health Center

A Message from CEO Candace Clevenger about COVID-19


I hope this message finds you and your families safe and healthy during this challenging time.


At Heritage, we have been working harder than ever to fulfill our mission of hope, healing and health. Our staff’s flexibility and perseverance are inspiring.  Our services are essential and we are committed to giving individuals in our community the care and support they need.   


Thanks to the challenge of social distancing, we have transitioned our face-to-face operations to virtual care through tele-health and Zoom. Staying connected is vital to those of us on the recovery path. We are able to keep connections with individuals even though we are physically distanced from one another. We are seeing positive growth with people coming together online.


I want to share some of the ways my staff inspired me this week:


  • Our ACT team continues to see clients for emergent needs with a positive and determined outlook.

  • Staff worked together to get an individual Narcan when they needed it the most.

  • Our case management team continues to contact clients every day to check in over phone and make sure individual needs are met.

  • Our maintenance team continues to exercise hard work and diligence in keeping our facilities clean.

  • Our support staff continue to adapt to constant changes in how our clients are accessing services.

  • Our outpatient and substance use teams are using new platforms to provide quality care and support for individuals engaged in outpatient services.

  • All of our staff have shown up and faced uncertainty with kindness. They are truly incredible!


These are just a few of the dozens of truly incredible tales that have been happening at Heritage, every day. We are all in this together.


Heritage wants the community to know that we are available to help in the midst of COVID-19.  We are considered an essential health service and it is our intent to remain operational to meet the needs of individuals in our community.  We recognize that COVID-19 may cause additional stress, anxiety and trauma for our community and we are available to provide support.


Most of our essential services are now provided by tele-health or Zoom. Individuals can find more information on what Heritage is doing to support our community at and on Facebook.

Individuals need us more than ever, and we need your support more than ever. Here are some ways you can help us right now:

  • Make a donation to support our work. Your gift will help ensure that our services continue uninterrupted for individuals both now and once COVID-19 subsides.

  • Follow us on Facebook. Share our posts and help spread the word about our staff’s dedicated work during COVID-19.

  • If you are interested in donating N95 masks or other PPE for staff to continue their critical healthcare work safely, please contact our Chief Clinical Officer Tania Diaz.


Take care and stay safe,

Candace Clevenger

Heritage Events


Mental Health First Aid Trainings

Coming to You Soon!


One in five Americans has a mental illness, but many are reluctant to seek help or might not know where to turn for care. Unlike physical conditions, symptoms of mental health and substance use problems can be difficult to detect. For friends and family members, it can be hard to know when and how to step in. As a result, those in need of mental health services often do not get them until it is too late. Just as CPR helps even those without clinical training assist an individual having a heart attack, Mental Health First Aid prepares participants to interact with a person experiencing a mental health crisis. Mental Health First Aiders learn a 5-step action plan that guides them through the process of reaching out and offering appropriate support.


Youth Mental Health First Aid

Youth Mental Health First Aid is designed to teach parents, family members, caregivers, teachers, school staff, peers, neighbors, health and human services workers, and other caring citizens how to help an adolescent (age 12-18) who is experiencing a mental health or substance use challenge or is in crisis. The course introduces common mental health challenges for youth, reviews typical adolescent development, and teaches a 5-step action plan for how to help young people in both crisis and non-crisis situations. Topics covered include anxiety, depression, substance use, disorders in which psychosis may occur, disruptive behavior disorders (including AD/HD), and eating disorders.

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid is a course that teaches adults how to help someone who is developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis. The training helps you identify, understand, and respond to signs of addictions and mental illnesses. Mental Health First Aid teaches adults about risk factors and warning signs of mental health problems. The training provides Information on depression, anxiety, trauma, psychosis, and substance use disorders. Participants will learn a 5-step action plan to help someone developing a mental health problem or in crisis.  Participants will be able to identify where to turn for help — professional, peer, and self-help resources.


Heritage was part of a team of individuals who piloted teen Mental Health First Aid (tMHFA) in Clinton High school starting in January 2020.  This was a great opportunity for adults to teach students about the importance of mental health and connecting to an adult when they find themselves or a peer facing a mental health or substance use challenge.


For more information about Mental Health First Aid go to or contact Jessica Smiley at for more information about future training opportunities.

As of today, Heritage staff have trained 1,192 Mental Health First Aiders.