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substance use

medication assisted recovery (MAR)

What is MAR?

MAR stands for Medication Assisted Recovery. Medication is used, in addition to counseling and behavioral therapy, to treat opioid, alcohol, or amphetamine use disorders.


Benefits of MAR

MAR is evidence-based treatment for alcohol and substance use disorders. MAR has been shown to decrease cravings or urges to use, lower relapse rates, and increase engagement in treatment.


Treatment Pathways Offered

Heritage Behavioral Health Center offers all 3 FDA approved medications for Opioid Use Disorder including naltrexone, buprenorphine, and methadone.   Other medications may be explored by the provider during your appointment.

What does treatment include?

  • Physical Evaluation and Assessment  

  • Individual and/or Group Counseling

  • Case Management

  • Random Urine Drug Testing

  • Medication Administration

  • Referral and Linkage to Other Community Services


To start the process for MAR, please come to our downtown location to complete a bio-psychosocial assessment (first come, first serve). Open Access Clinic is held Monday – Thursday from 8:00AM to 10:45AM and 1:00PM to 3:45PM. If you need an alternative time to complete the assessment, please call Heritage at (217) 362-6262 to schedule an appointment.

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