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Behavioral Health Urgent Care Hub

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How may we help you TODAY?

The Behavioral Health Urgent Care Hub works to improve access to care to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Whether contact is initiated by walking directly into our facility, by phone, or through our mobile crisis response team, you will be greeted by a caring contact ready to understand how we can help TODAY.

This caring contact will often begin with a brief intake and screening. Depending on the identified need at the moment, more assistance will be provided, focusing on addressing access to housing, reducing food insecurity, aid with navigating transportation, accessing healthcare and pharmacy needs, accessing support groups, and more. We also can connect users of our Behavioral Health Urgent Care Hub with Recovery Support Specialists.


No matter how you access our Behavioral Health Urgent Care Hub, we offer a variety of services so you are able to get exactly the help you need. A few of the ways we are able to help you TODAY include:

  • Interventions to support life stressors, mental health, and substance use

  • Crisis intervention

  • Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP)

  • Suicide assessment

  • Access to harm reduction supplies

  • Primary, psychiatric, or addiction care coordination

  • Wellness Recovery Drop In Center

  • Living Room

  • Withdrawal management

  • Residential crisis and rehabilitation


There is no wrong door to access the care you need at Heritage. Please reach out to us or stop by if you are in need of help. We stand by our Behavioral Health Urgent Care Hub model, our incredible staff, and our commitment to helping anyone, anytime, anywhere.

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