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Wellness Days Program at Heritage

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Would You Like 56 paid days off your first year of full-time work?

If yes, then you have come to the right place!

How do Wellness Days work?

Every full-time employee working at Heritage Behavioral Health Center receives a full 8-hour paid day off every other Friday as a “Wellness Day.”

What is a wellness day?

The Global Wellness Institute defines “wellness” as: “an internal resource that helps us think, feel, connect, and function; it is an active process that helps us to build resilience, grow, and flourish.” You can, of course, use your wellness day for any activity that promotes your overall wellness. (Even if that just means watching movies or sleeping in.) Your wellness days are yours to use as you see fit, but we encourage you to use these days to build a life of wellness.

Is this the same as a 4-day work week?

Other organizations may say they offer a 4-day work week, but our Wellness Days program is different. Some organizations will have employees work 4 10-hour days and then take an unpaid day. The Wellness Days program at Heritage Behavioral Health Center allows full-time employees to work a 40 hour week followed by a 32 hour week and then the employee is paid for a full 80 hours.

Why are we doing this?

“If we are going to ‘talk the talk’ of promoting mental health and overall wellness in our communities, we also need to ‘walk the walk’ of enabling our employees to make their own mental health and overall wellness high priorities in their lives. When our staff members are exemplifying wellness in their own lives, they are better able to improve the wellness of all of the communities Heritage Behavioral Health Center serves,” says Mary Garrison, President/CEO of Heritage Behavioral Health Center.


Other organizations may say they value their employees but we are showing it through this wellness days benefit. We also hope wellness days will make Heritage Behavioral Health Center an even more attractive option for job seekers who are considering applying to work here.


How can I apply to work for Heritage Behavioral Health Center?

Simply, click here to apply.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is eligible for Wellness Days?

A: All full-time employees, at all levels of the organization, in all programs are eligible.


Q: How many Wellness Days do full-time employees receive?

A: 26 days per year – every other Friday (either payroll Friday, or non-payroll Friday) – the schedule to be determined by your supervisor


Q: If a 12-hour shift is worked, how many hours of “Wellness” are given?

A: 8 hours. Employees can either work 4 hours of the shift, or take 4 hours of vacation leave for the remainder of the shift.


Q: Do employees have to take the day off?

A: Employees can decline the day off in any given week.  It cannot be exchanged for another day, or banked for use at a later time, or traded with another employee.  However, please remember the purpose of the day is to take care of personal wellness.


Q: Do work responsibilities lessen during the shortened 4 day work week?

A: Employees are required to complete 100% of their work in any given week, whether it is a 5 day work week, or a 4 day + Wellness Day workweek.

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